Our Teachers

Suzanne DeJong <span>RYT 200, CPYT</span>

Suzanne DeJong RYT 200, CPYT

As the owner of Omaha Power Yoga, I invite you to slow down, observe and learn, to build strength on all levels, and to tap into the grace and intelligence within your Self. More

Lauren Roads <span>CPYT</span>

Lauren Roads CPYT

Yoga practice for me is about finding fearlessness and freedom to love myself and others more fully. More

Lori Wilkinson <span>CPYT</span>

Lori Wilkinson CPYT

My hope is that with a consistent practice, each student will be pleasantly surprised by the positive changes that occur in all areas of their life… both on and off the mat. More

Rachelle McGuigan <span>PT, CPYT</span>

Rachelle McGuigan PT, CPYT

My passion is assisting others in integrating all aspects of body, mind and spirit. More

Mary Lou Flearl <span>MD</span>

Mary Lou Flearl MD

I have shared my enthusiasm for Tai Chi with my family and friends and I am excited to bring Tai Chi to the OPY community. More

Anand Murthy

Anand Murthy

Anand aims to help more and more people realize that meditation and pranayama (breath practice) can drastically reduce stress/anxiety even during the most difficult times, and enhance overall quality of life. More

Brandie Fowler <span>RYT 200</span>

Brandie Fowler RYT 200

My yoga journey began as an undergrad at Creighton, where I studied philosophy and theology. The Eightfold Path served me well through my early twenties and into law school, but I found myself pulled away from the path... More

Vlad Rangotchev <span>RYT 200</span>

Vlad Rangotchev RYT 200

Vlad has studied and practiced various styles of Yoga for over 16 years including Ashtanga, Bikram, Yoga for Athletes, and modalities for Pre and Postnatal Yoga, Yoga for the Elderly and Yoga with Chairs... More

Erin Tomaso-Smith <span>RYT 200, HMS, HKC</span>

Erin Tomaso-Smith RYT 200, HMS, HKC

Teaching and practicing empower me to realize my strength, as well as my vulnerability, and to flourish in my life... More