Kids’ Mindful Yoga

Kids’ Mindful Yoga with Taina Collazo, PhD

Our Kids’ Mindful Yoga classes blend yoga and mindfulness to provide a whole-child program that cultivates present moment awareness and emotional balance. Lessons are fun and engaging to keep kids enthused about their learning and growth.

Mindfulness + Yoga is a practice based on a recognition and acceptance of experience. Children are able to identify where their attention lies, what it feels like, and in turn, where they want to be, offering a sense of empowerment. Because the child is “present” they have a choice in how to respond to their experience. There is no emotion that is unacceptable. Mindfulness teaches the child that every emotion is important, and further, how to meet that emotion and how to respond to it.

Our KMY classes are typically held the 3rd and 4th Sundays of each month, and are taught by Taina Collazo, PhD, a Montessori teacher and certified children’s yoga teacher. Taina draws on scientific research from the best in the field in the areas of mindfulness, occupational therapy and early childhood development. Each month follows a different theme like What I Feel on the Inside Shows on the Outside.

Time: 2:00-3:00pm
Age: 6-10 yrs
Tuition: $15 per class
Registration: Required by 12pm the Friday before. (NOTE: Registering for both classes is recommended, as they build on each other).
*PLEASE NOTE:  There will be no KMY classes in March*

About Taina Collazo, PhD

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The studio atmosphere is soothing and free of distraction. The instruction is incredible! The teachers are supportive yet challenging and technical in the best possible way. Practice here if you’re serious about making a commitment to yourself.

~ Karen K.