There are no mirrors in our studio. It’s not about what you look like, or being flexible or skinny.  It’s about taking care of yourself in every way.

Power yoga asks you to pay attention; to study and challenge yourself; to accept, love and learn from what you discover so you can live bigger. It’s not easy – it’s empowering.

Anything that delivers profound results, takes real work.  The most potent effects of yoga come gradually with consistency over time.  A consistent and solid practice carves out your character, draws out your virtues, and changes your presence.

Life can be sticky, messy, thrilling and amazing.  We have to do our own work, untie our own knots.  We’re not alone in the unraveling and discovering.  Everyone has their work to do.

OPY is a safe space full of amazingly strong people…doing their own work, together. I will never tire of hearing students say “I love this place,” and WE LOVE OUR STUDENTS! I am honored and excited to grow the studio and share the practice that has empowered so many.

My practice on and off the mat continues to teach me, and always will. My intention is to remain open to learn from every opportunity.

Do the work. Move foward. Don’t quit. Live your full potential.

I hope to see you soon. Peace,
Suzanne DeJong | Owner, Omaha Power Yoga