Refuge Recovery

7:30-8:30pm Every Monday | Always Free | Donations Welcome

OPY teamed up with Josh Jones and Refuge Recovery to support anyone wanting to recover from addictions of all kinds.

Josh has been influential in bringing RR to Nebraska, and we are honored to be a part of creating this community in Omaha!

7:30-8:30pm Every Monday | Beginning Aug 6th

Always Free | Donations Welcome

About Refuge Recovery

Refuge Recovery is a Buddhist-inspired approach, dedicated to the practices of mindfulness, compassion, forgiveness and generosity to heal the pain and suffering caused by addiction. It is a systematic approach to training our hearts and minds to see clearly and respond to our lives with understanding and non-harming. This process cultivates the path of recovering from the addictions and delusions that create suffering in our lives and in this world.  When sincerely engaged in, Refuge Recovery’s program will not only ensure a full recovery from any addiction (food, drugs, sex, alcohol, etc), but also a lifelong sense of well-being.

About the Meetings

Meetings are open to people of all backgrounds, and are appropriate for anyone interested in recovering from any form of addictive behavior. No previous experience or knowledge of Buddhism or meditation is needed to attend. This program does not ask anyone to believe anything, only to trust the process and do the work of recovery.  Peer-led meetings include guided meditations, readings from the book Refuge Recovery by Noah Levine, M.A. and group discussion. For more information about these meetings text or call Josh Jones at 402-598-0107 or email him at

The Four Truths of Refuge Recovery


Addiction creates suffering


The cause of addition is repetitive craving


Recovery is possible


The path to recovery is available

About Noah Levine,
Founder of Refuge Recovery

Noah’s search for meaning led him first down a self-destructive path of punk rock, drugs, drinking, and dissatisfaction. Having clearly seen the uselessness of drugs and violence, Noah looked for positive ways to channel his rebellion against what he saw as the lies of society, injustice and suffering. Levine now uses that energy and the practice of Buddhism to awaken his natural wisdom and compassion.

Noah Levine is a Buddhist teacher, author and counselor. His books include Against The Stream, The Heart of the Revolution, Dharma Punx, Kind Awareness: Guided Meditations, and Refuge Recovery. He is trained to teach by Jack Kornfield of Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, CA. He teaches meditation classes, workshops and retreats nationally as well as leading groups in juvenile halls and prisons. Noah holds a masters degree in counseling psychology from CIIS. He has studied with many prominent teachers in both the Theravadan and Mahayanan Buddhist traditions.

About Josh Jones

Josh has experienced massive relief and healing through the Refuge Recovery program, his meditation practice, and the community support of others overcoming similar struggles.  He discovered Refuge Recovery in 2016 when he heard Josh Korda from Dharma Punx talk about not letting your anger and hurt consume you.  Korda’s super mellow nature, tattoos and message caught Josh’s attention.  Following a month in rehab, he read Noah Levine’s books, and tapped into the Refuge Recovery community on Facebook.

“If my mindset can change, then anybody’s can!  Life is too short to be miserable.”

Josh’s loss of many close family and friends throughout childhood and early adulthood created a fear and sadness he sought to numb and escape through drugs and alcohol.  He now uses mindfulness and meditation to manage his anxiety and distress.  Having participated in a multitude of recovery programs, he appreciates the diversity of addictions that Refuge Recovery serves, as well as its accountability practice of taking self-inventory to identify emotions and habits that trigger destructive behavior.

An Omaha native, Josh’s dad was Dr. Sanguinary, the host of Creature Feature on KMTV in the 70’s & 80’s.  Now a father of three himself, and a talented and fun-loving barber, Josh currently manages Dennison & Dahlman in Countryside Village.