Love my lunches with Suzanne, and Cheryl’s a great instructor as well. If you want a little more “push”, Lori provides a more active class. The studio is soothing and quiet…took trying half a dozen other places to find THE studio for me!

– Felicia K.

Fantastic yoga studio! Teacher Lauren Roads is THE BEST! Go get your yoga on!

– Sarah H.

I’ve wanted to try yoga for a long time. Suzanne’s Basic class hooked me, Lori’s Power class pushes me. As a new student, I’m excited to better my practice. I love the atmosphere and am comfortable learning here. Love OPY!

– Amy B.

The studio atmosphere is soothing and free of distraction. The instruction is incredible! The teachers are supportive yet challenging and technical in the best possible way. Practice *here* if you’re serious about making a commitment to yourself. ~

– Karen K.

This is not a competitive studio, it abides by the philosophy of “yoga meets you where you are.” The focus is on breath, alignment, and personal challenge. Great for beginners and experienced students alike. I have yet to find a studio that matches the mind/body/spirit challenge of Omaha Power Yoga.

– Tessa H.

Whether you’re new to yoga or just new to Omaha Power Yoga, it is safe and welcoming here. The focus of OPY teachings are Stillness, Strength, Balance, and Stamina. And it is truly amazing how each of these is realized just through consistent focus on the sound of your breath and movement of body.

The physical studio is 5 star for sure; beautiful, warm, soothing. Each time I think I’ve achieved my best possible practice at OPY, I discover an even better one.

– Micki S.

I love practicing at OPY. The studio is gorgeous with the nature skylights and soft colors. There are classes of all levels instructed by well trained teachers. They incorporate fluid breathing with steady transitions of poses. There is strong emphasis on alignment and focus, yet adding humor and good messages. Best studio in town!!!

– Barb K.

Omaha Power Yoga offers a variety of power yoga classes instructed by several skilled and well-trained teachers. The classes are all well-rounded physically, and the emphasis is on a meditation in motion. The principles that are taught are all alignment-based, and the use of the breath is very much a part of the practice. I find my practice at this studio to be very empowering.

– Melissa N.