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Underestimating Surrender

Contemplating in Hawaii

Me 7 years ago in Hawaii, surrounded by beauty and not carrying it with me


You know how tweens and teens know EVERYTHING?
When asked or reminded about something, mine respond with “I KNOW!”
To which my response is, “knowing isn’t the problem, doing is.”
Well, as we sometimes do as parents, I found myself choking on my own words…

I was a business owner, yoga teacher, personal growth coach, and a mom.  It was literally my JOB to lead people out of suffering and into serenity, ease, and good humaning.
(Yes, humaning can be a verb!)
I was good at it.  I had helpful perspective, loads of knowledge, and countless effective skills & techniques.  I was helping people, and it felt really good!

Yet quietly and gradually my life became unmanageable.
My energy was tanked.  I was avoiding people and responsibilities.  My finances and relationships were suffering.  I hadn’t realized how much of myself I had lost.

How in the actual heck did I get here?!
I had the skills.  I KNEW they worked, because I watched them create better lives for others.  I practiced them myself… so what the @!#&% was going on?!

No problem is isolated.  A problem in one area bleeds into all aspects of our life.
And at some point,  you lose so much blood you end up in critical condition.

I was there.  I was at the point where I could no longer carry on as is.  I could admit the momming needed work.  Ok, so did the business owner.  I’m continuously learning and developing my yoga and coaching skills.  I sought help WHEN I needed it because I could see WHERE I needed it.
Or could I?

Here’s the deal y’all… it doesn’t matter how much knowledge or skill you have or even whether or not you’re applying it in your life!  It is easier to see what’s happening from the outside than from the inside.

A wise friend and physical therapist said to me, “We cannot effectively treat ourselves.  Just because I provide the treatment doesn’t make me exempt from needing the treatment, and that needs to come from an objective source.”

We all need objective outside help.  Ideally, we’re willing to lean into it BEFORE we hit critical status.
The trippy thing was that I WAS leaning into outside help, and in more than one way.  And I KNEW change only comes from the inside out – ultimately, I had to be the source of the change.  So, again, what the f***?!

I’ll kill the suspense and just give you the answer… 

Two things created my situation:

  1. I wasn’t leaning into the PROPER support ENOUGH.
    I was still trying to manage (some would say control) the process and outcome too much myself.
  2. I was not focused ENOUGH on MY part, MY contributions to my situation.
    My attention drifted too often to others’ contributions (or lack thereof).

I had to surrender and trust.
I had to lean on an intangible power greater than myself.
I had to admit I didn’t have answers, and ask for them to be revealed.
And then I had to wait.

Again, this wasn’t shocking news.  I knew it was true (remember choking on my own words).  I even had prayer and meditation practices to live this truth.  Yet I was holding back in them.  Ironically, trying to protect myself from disappointment, failure, fear (etc) and ultimately success.
It really is true that what annoys us about others exists in ourselves, because I can easily recognize obstinance!!

“Though we travel the world to find beauty, we must carry it with us or we find it not.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Replace “beauty” in Ralph’s statement with anything – anger, contentment, fear, courage, love – and it holds true.
We are a source of what surrounds us.  We are with ourselves wherever we go, even in our escapes – ESPECIALLY in our escapes.  There is no “destination cure” – no effective hiding place!

So here I am, refocused, leaning fully into the proper support and feeling relief.  Balancing knowing with faith, and action with surrender – admittedly in some moments better than others.
Waiting time is not wasted time . . .
Chapter 2 to be revealed!

Much love, Suzanne


May we courageously change what we can, and graciously accept what we can’t.
May we keep what’s ours, and leave what’s not.
And may we have the wisdom to know the difference.

May we trust in something greater than ourselves.
May we seek to understand over being understood.
And may we prioritize peace over happiness.

If you need one-on-one support, schedule some coaching.

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Beagle Rescue Yoga

Beagle Rescue Volunteers

Christine with 1 of her 4 beagles, Bindi

For The Love Of Dogs  

Our pups so generously love us despite character flaws like forgetting the occasional biscuit or skipping a walk, but not all pups get safety and love returned to them.  Sometimes they end up neglected, abandoned or abused.

Long time OPY-er, Christine DeMey, adopted her soul-pup, Jovi, in 2008 from Basset & Beagle Rescue of the Heartland (BBRH).
Knowing Jovi would have died had BBRH not saved him was Christine’s impetus for volunteering to help the rescue.  She raised funds, transported pups, assisted at adoption events, and started fostering the day after she bought her own home!

BBRH rescues, rehabilitates, and rehomes mostly beagles from medical testing laboratories, breeders, high kill shelters and owner surrenders.  They recently took in 40 dogs in just one week, and now have 21 newborn puppies!  There are currently 18 foster dogs on their website awaiting adoption.  They are a foster based rescue, and run 100% on volunteers, donations and fundraisers.

Supporting the rescue is one of the most rewarding things Christine and her husband Tim have ever done.
Their current foster pup, Vinnie, has been with them just shy of a year.  Vinnie has come a long way from being so scared he wouldn’t let anyone touch him, to now walking on a leash & asking for pets!!

Christine and Tim want to stress the need for foster homes for rescued pups.
BBRH has to turn down dogs in need on a daily basis because there are not enough foster homes available.  The rescue makes fostering easy by supplying everything, while foster homes just provide love and training.

To give back to pups that bring so much joy, and support an organization that works tirelessly to ensure the safety of pups in harms way, Omaha Power Yoga is hosting a class to raise funds and awareness for the BBRH.

Sunday  |  August 21st  |  1:00pm
~ $20 yoga class  (100% to BBRH)
~ 50/50 cashpot raffle 
(winner splits with BBRH)
~ loaded doggie-bag raffle 
(2nd place raffle winner)

And for those looking for a furry addition to your family, there will be some fostered pups in attendance looking for a loving, forever home!  

Our foster pups will hang around from 1:00-2:30pm.
Our yoga class will run from 1:15-2:00pm.
Our cashpot raffle drawing will take place at 2:15pm – and no, you do not have to be present to win!

Come for just the yoga, just the cashpot, the pup snuggles, the adoption or fostering opportunity, or all of the above!

To register for this event go to our schedule page, find the 8/21 Beagle Rescue Yoga class and click the sign up button.

Join us in supporting a wonderful organization and sharing some love and connection,
Suzanne, Owner OPY
Christine, beagle lover, foster and yogi
Kathi, BBRH Executive Leadership


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2023 Omaha Power Yoga Retreat

Nourish with nature, nutrition, movement and learning


APRIL 27th – MAY 1st

It’s time for some adventuring and nurturing!  Spend 5 days and 4 nights nourishing yourself with nature, nutrition, movement and learning secluded in the stunning Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.

Enjoy reflective, silent mornings until breakfast, daily yoga and meditation, hiking, swimming holes, a river float, as well as a unique opportunity to attend Relationship School!  Don’t worry, there are no tests, and you can’t flunk out.  You’ll learn how to recognize self-sabotage, hone communication skills and effectively handle your stressors.


Our very own secluded lodge in the stunning Ozark Mountains

Our private lodge is creekside with a gorgeous deck and footbridge spanning the creek.  A spacious lawn, stone creekside patio, and hillside pavillion with outdoor fireplaces provide plenty of areas to spend some quiet alone time.  There is even a horseshoe pit if we feel so moved!

Our Relationship School is an effective program that equips you with the mindset and skills to get out of others and back into yourself and your connection to a power greater than you!  This is not religious – it is spiritual.  The result is deeper, more loving and fulfilling relationships in every single area of your life.  Sound like something you can use?

Our retreat kitchen will be hosted on site by the Rooted Table Kitchen + Juicery* to support our nourishment and well-being.  Throughout the retreat, attendees will enjoy fresh juices, superfood smoothies, nourishing and invigorating plant-based meals, health-filled snacks and satisfying treats.

Our menu will be dairy free, egg free, and meat free.  Some nuts (almonds, walnuts and cashews) will be used in a few dishes.  There will be gluten and soy-free options available at each meal.  *do let us know if you have any food allergies



Upper Buffalo River | Ponca Wilderness Area, Arkansas

3 Private Queen Rooms:  $2345 single occupant | $1833pp double occupants

4 Loft Full Beds:  $2220 single occupant | $1770pp double occupants


*All meals, snacks, drinks (no alcohol), classes, activities, and excursions included.  Transportation to and from the retreat not included.

Check-in as early as 4:00pm on Thursday, 4/27.  There will be a Thursday evening yoga practice and dinner.
Check-out on Monday, 5/1 will be after morning meditation, yoga, and breakfast.


Hiking, river float, yoga, meditation, education

Daily schedule:

  • 6:30am meditation
  • 7:00am yoga
  • 8:30am breakfast
  • 9:30am relationship school
  • 11:30am-5:00pm lunch, excursions & free time
  • 5:00pm yoga
  • 6:30pm dinner

Our schedule is subject to change depending on our excursion timing for the day.  Use your yogi flexibility and go with the flow!


Make your $250 non-refundable deposit
  ~ payments can be made at any time, full balance due by August 18th
  ~ 50% of retreat price refundable for cancellations up to August 29th

Private Queen Room – Single Occupant  (full payment link $2345)
Private Queen Room – Double Occupant  (full payment link $1833pp)

Loft Full Bed – Single Occupant  (full payment link $2220)
Loft Full Bed – Double Occupant  (full payment link $1770pp)


Rooted Table Kitchen + Juicery

*Rooted Table is a new elevated fast, casual plant-based cafe serving nutritionally dense, nourishing food and drinks coming to the Omaha area. Rooted Table exists to serve with love, nourish with plants, and heal with deep-rooted connection one cup, bowl, and plate at a time.  Omaha Power Yoga is excited to partner with Rooted Table to nourish attendees with fresh, healthy, rooted nutrition!  Stay tuned for more information and updates on their opening.

Together We Go Further

Jen and Suzanne

Jen brings the energies of mercy, grace and acceptance to all her classes.


As I begin my 3rd year teaching at OPY, I take a moment to reflect.  As you’ll hear me say in class, take a moment to “practice the pause, feel the feels.”

I have learned so much and evolved as a teacher in my relatively short time at Omaha Power Yoga.  And I have our community, YOU, to thank.  YOU are MY teacher.

You keep showing up, whether you are near or far.

You brighten my day with our chats before and after class.

You feel comfortable asking questions, which keeps me on my toes.

And I thank you, for your energy and efforts, and allowing me to hold space for you here at OPY.

I share this short snippet of a Power & Release class to show your efforts and energy.  To show how we move and make shapes together, but also to show that we all do what feels right in our own bodies.
This is your practice.  Your self study.  Your yoga.

Namaste, Jen

Watch Power & Release snippet here.
Join us for a class in studio, via stream or a replay at your convenience.
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Ashley Mason Equestrian Riders

The Secret To Change

Ashley Mason Equestrian Riders

My daughter, Zoa, and the Ashley Mason Equestrian riders getting ready for the Oakland, IA Independence Day parade


This weekend someone shared with me they weren’t feeling very celebratory or even independent this Independence Day.  As we spoke, I could feel the frustration and overwhelm – in both of us.

There is no stopping the waterfall of circumstances  and feelings from happening.
Life is a continuation of them, and they come for us whether we’re ready or not!

So what do we do when they’re disappointing, intense or feel overwhelming?
How do we cope?  How do we affect change?

We can start by allowing grief and choosing acceptance

Accepting something is NOT the same as liking or agreeing with it.
It’s just acknowledging it for what it is so we can see our options clearly (through the fog of intense emotions) and choose a path forward. 

Grief is a response to loss, and may express differently depending on what is lost.
For instance, if we can’t see well enough to safely drive ourselves as we age, there can be a loss of independence.  When we experience a loss of something dear to us – like safety, privacy, autonomy, etc – we need to allow ourselves (or our loved ones) to grieve the loss so we can eventually move forward.  

It’s also key to remember that we co-exist with other people!  Yep, read that again.
There is no way all the people will agree on all the things all the time.  So, we’ll inevitably find ourselves in situations we don’t like, agree with or want.  

When our reality is not what we want it to be, we have choices…  

  1.  We can complain and commiserate with those who agree with us.
  2.  We can passively resign, convincing ourselves we are helpless and powerless.
  3.  We can belittle, name-call, use threatening or forceful tactics to try to change the minds of those who disagree.
  4.  We can respectfully ask questions and listen, and let people disagree. 
  5.  We can ACCEPT it, regulate our strong emotions, sort out and TAKE ACTION on our options. 

Likely, we’ll alternate between a few of these 😉
The point is, we can consciously choose how we deal with things. 

In case they didn’t jump out at you, 4 & 5 are the most productive.  We get defensive when we hear things we don’t like, which shuts down listening.
Dialogue creates change and requires BOTH listening and speaking.

There’s also no way around the universal truth that we all collectively contribute to our reality.

So, we are naturally the exact opposite of helpless or powerless – without even trying.

When taking action seems too overwhelming, just start with yourself.  The ripple of change outward is a given. 

The natural order of change is:

  1. the individual
  2. the family
  3. the community and beyond

I believe it was Socrates who said, “The secret to change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”  So when we find ourselves not getting anywhere, we usually just need to change what we’re spending our energy on.

     Below are links to two supportive and grounding recordings for you.  Here’s to conscious choices and spending our energy wisely!
     Much love, Suzanne


Here is a 6 minute relaxation and reflective practice with a focus on independence.
Here is a 5 minute metta meditation to help foster understanding, trust, and unconditional love.

If you need one-on-one support, schedule some coaching.

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Bridge the gap…

Rachelle has a brilliant and thorough approach to helping you heal


Remember back when you were consistent with your yoga practice?

You came to classes regularly, and felt the boost of support and care from all your yoga friends.  You had a stellar sense of what your body could do and were feeeeeling good in it!

You felt strong. 

Your mind was clear.

You were more patient, less reactive.

You felt at ease and content because you were taking care of yourself.

And then things like work deadlines, kid or grandkid transportation, family vacations, or a little thing like a pandemic started infringing on your good habits.
And then the thought of getting back to it was so overwhelming, you didn’t even know where to start.
And then that catch in your shoulder or throb in your low back reinforced your decision to talk yourself out of getting back to practice.

We get it.
We’ve been there.
So we designed a little something to bridge the gap between where you are now, and where you need to be to get back on your mat.

A 3-MONTH PACKAGE that includes BOTH physical therapy and yoga!

  1. Physical Therapy (3 Weeks)
    Start with three weeks of weekly, one hour physical therapy sessions.  Work one-on-one with Rachelle McGuigan, PT to assess and treat any ailing body part that is limiting your mobility and yoga practice.
  2. Unlimited Yoga (9 Weeks)
    Followed by nine weeks of unlimited yoga classes to increase strength and range of motion.
  3. Supplemental Physical Therapy Sessions
    During your nine weeks of yoga, get three additional physical therapy visits for troubleshooting and continued treatment.

We packaged this together to save you $425!  So you get 6 physical therapy sessions + 9 weeks of unlimited yoga for just $925.

There are only twelve of these packages available to ensure prompt and congruent physical therapy session scheduling, so this sweet opportunity won’t last long.  When these twelve are gone, they’re gone!  Snag yours now while you can.

We believe YOU are in charge of how you feel, and we’re here to help you bridge the gap to get there!
Much love, health, and mobility to you,
Suzanne and Rachelle


Ready to feel better, move better, think better?  Grab your Yoga + PT package here!

Learn why some injuries just don’t seem to heal in this Issues In Our Tissues video.

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Grief and Acceptance

Headstone rubbing

Little Suzanne, gramma & cousin, 1982, a cemetery in Illinois

Every Memorial Day I think back to family traditions.  My mom was a teacher and a genealogy buff, so we spent many summer days in tiny remote cemeteries looking for ancestors and making headstone rubbings (the older I got, the less fun I found this to be).  

On Memorial Day we remembered family members who had passed with fresh peonies on their headstones.  People from nearby towns gathered for a big ceremony at our hometown cemetery to honor loved ones who served in the military.

While these traditions have faded, Memorial Day finds me taking pause… to appreciate the presence fallen family members graced me with, to cherish memories that remain with me since they passed, and to allow feelings of grief.  The more I recognize and allow grief, the more I notice its prevalence in life in general.

Grief is a response to loss, so it comes in many forms – physical loss through death, the end of a relationship or job, ceasing of old habits, change in our way of life, realization that an expectation won’t be met – the list goes on.  Even when it’s clear the loss is the best thing in some circumstances, it doesn’t always make it easier to move through.  Relief can come with sadness.  Change that is good for us may still need a proper grieving period. 

A coaching client asked me recently, “What’s the first thing you do when you realize you aren’t handling something well?”  The answer is I accept how I feel and give myself permission to handle it how I’m handling it.  See, there’s a little conundrum we can fall into…

Sometimes our feelings may not be logically warranted. 

Logical or not, they are valid because we are having them.

Here’s what giving myself permission might sound like… “Of course I feel this way.  It’s completely understandable.”  I’ve found that by not making myself wrong for having my feelings, they don’t cause such a ruckus or backslide.  By accepting & validating myself, I can more quickly and easily see my way through them. 

Love on yourself a little more.  Grant yourself more grace and acceptance.  You may find it can make the heavy and sad stuff less debilitating.  And it for sure magnetizes more love and acceptance your way!

Have a memory and grace filled Memorial Day,


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Yoga Changed My Life

pic of Julie & Leon

Julie & Leon in the studio for pilates

Our friend Julie shared her story with us. We think many of you will be able to relate to it. 😉  We’re thrilled to have her back again. Leon is thrilled about her generosity with treats!

The very first time I practiced at OPY, I was scared to death. I also knew that how I felt was my responsibility, and that I had a choice. So I faced my fear head on, and the reward was greater than I imagined.

Under layers of fear, guilt, and sadness I found the real me! I found a deep self-worth I had lost. Then it happened… basking in the joy of feeling better, I let my practice take a back seat to my busy schedule. Fast forward to the pandemic, and my life got very challenging. All the layers piled back on.

The frantic feeling of just staying on top of my day to day kept me from prioritizing myself. I realized I needed to refocus and get back to me. So I decided to return to OPY to realign with my true self.

I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t nervous to walk through the door again. It had been SO LONG! I kept my promise to myself, though, to be brave and hold myself accountable. 

It’s been 9 months since my comeback. Buried beneath the layers that had built back up, I found courage, strength, energy, happiness, and self-confidence again. It feels so good to have balance back in all areas of my life. I’m taking positive steps everyday for my well-being, and am better able to handle inevitable setbacks.

I connected with an amazing group of people at OPY who are supportive and inspire me to thrive. So when I falter – because I have – it’s not hard to get back up and at it again! It’s up to each of us to be serious about what we want our lives to look like going forward. I am grateful for the crew at OPY who support and encourage my trek.

Anyone can do yoga, and trust me when I say this… it will change your life! It literally eases the mind and you feel unstoppable.

Here’s to returning to ourselves and our support systems,


Click here to schedule your comeback class!
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What Is Yoga

Yoga is not just one thing.


It’s been written about and talked about a thousand times over…
       What is yoga?  What’s not yoga?
Ask ten people and you’ll get ten different answers. And that’s okay.

This may be challenging – we don’t need to make someone else wrong to feel safe in our own belief. Yet that’s exactly how we operate. We argue our belief and try to convince others to agree with us.

And of course we do! When we agree, we feel like we belong. It’s important to recognize that belonging is not dependent on agreeing.

To me, disagreeing often feels like a disconnect or a rift. I have also experienced how acceptance can bridge that rift and create a deep, true sense of belonging. Each of us wants to feel heard and loved, no matter what. We all want forgiveness when we make mistakes.
Disagreeing is unavoidable. It’s just a thing that happens from time to time. Remembering that helps me accept disagreement.

A C C E P T A N C E  doesn’t require you to agree with or even like something.

A C C E P T A N C E  is often an active choice to see through the fog of heightened emotions.

A C C E P T A N C E  is simply acknowledging something for what it is so you can see your options clearly and choose a path forward.

I can not like something and resist it – focusing and spending my energy on what I don’t want – an exhausting and unproductive cycle.
Or I can not like it, accept it and decide how I’m going to proceed.

My most effective teachers and coaches didn’t answer my questions. They inquired about my answer and offered perspective to help me get clearer. So I’ll “answer” the what is yoga question by simply sharing about my own practice. I hope to encourage you to investigate your answer through personal experience and discovering your needs.

Yoga is not just one thing. It has physical, mental, emotional, spiritual (not to be confused with religious), and cultural components. So it’s no surprise how a wide range of yoga practice styles have developed over the ages.

My practice is more than physical. It’s a doorway to my true nature. A route home. A way to deepen my spiritual connection. A way to keep my heart, mind & body in sync and supporting one another. A way to observe and course correct when I get out of sync.

Sometimes it requires my eyes open, sometimes it requires them closed.
Sometimes it involves talking, other times silence.
Sometimes stillness, sometimes movement.

My movement practice is purposeful, engaging, and designed to build strength in full range of motion to improve mobility. I want to be sure the “house” I will always live in (my body) will support me with ease in the years to come. I want it to be free from limitations and ailments as much as possible. There are “yoga postures” I don’t do. How I teach and practice postures has changed over the years and will continue to.

Practicing at Omaha Power Yoga means practicing awareness, acceptance, strength, agility, and resilience. It may sound intense – and sometimes it is – so we infuse humor & joy to keep it light.
You’re welcome to join us! Get started here.

Much love,

The Comeback Feels Amazing

Wendy & Leon in the studio

We received this delightful comeback story from our friend Wendy. We hope it inspires you. Leon sure is grateful to have Wendy back, and so are we!

These past 5 years had some pretty rough moments: I was diagnosed with cancer, we went through a pandemic, my mom was sick, work was insane. Through it all, I kept losing the physical side of my yoga practice. I either didn’t have enough time or energy to get on the mat — often both. I had forgotten that my practice made it possible for me to make it through those difficult times off the mat.

Through my practice at OPY I learned how to be uncomfortable and sit in that ‘I want out’ space. I learned to trust myself. I learned to breathe. It surely wasn’t perfect or pretty, but had I not practiced yoga I would have relied on unhealthy coping mechanisms and I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Yoga is the best gift you can give yourself. It makes you a better person — inside and out. When I practice regularly, I am less reactive to the world around me. I am stronger — physically and emotionally — and feeling physically strong is so empowering that it carries into all other parts of my life. I take care of myself. I make healthier choices on every level.

After forgiving myself for not being consistent with yoga, I feel a renewed sense of determination. I’m excited to regain my strength, peace and power at OPY. To anyone that has taken an extended break… it’s totally okay, forgive yourself. Trust me, the comeback feels amazing!

Come back to love and acceptance,


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