Self Care and Staying Flexible

The mounting fear, panic and confusion surrounding the coronavirus can be exhausting and put our nervous system on high alert. In a distressed state we are more susceptible to illness. It is important to do the things that settle your nerves, help you rest, and keep your immune system, body, mind and heart strong! Things like breathing deeply, moving and meditating.

Yes, our current situation is all kinds of uncomfortable. Yes, it’s bringing up insecurities, worries and distractions. Give yourself permission to feel all of what you feel, fully. Don’t beat yourself up for lashing-out, crying, yelling; feeling depressed, overwhelmed, underwhelmed, or confused.

“Of course I feel this way. It makes complete sense that I feel [insert barrage of feelings here]!”

Nothing is permanent; and remember that with our every thought, word and action, we can create a better situation around us. By choosing to get grounded, choosing an investigative pause instead of impulsive reaction, practicality and intellect over fear and retreat, we set the stage to thrive amidst the chaos.

What are the stories you’re telling yourself these days? Be aware of those stories. Toss the lies. Stay in the truth. We’re here to accept and support you through it all!

Stay tuned to this page, as we add resources and encouragement here for your self-care efforts!