Power Yoga, Ashtanga & Kettlebell

About Our Power Yoga Practice

Strengthening a healthy mindset and body is powerful and requires effort.
Emphasis is placed on breath and self-awareness.
Sweating will result from your effort and engagement, not artificial heat.
Pace of practice is conducive to a moving meditation.

Power Yoga

This POWERFUL practice will increase strength, stamina, and flexibility both physically and mentally. Focus will be on connection to breath and conscious, fluid movement; as well as attention to mindset to enhance daily life. Great for all levels of experience.  You will be encouraged to honor exactly where you are and to be curious about your edge between enough and too much.

Power + Yin

You will experience a slow, deep and mindful Yin sequence to set you up for a fiery Power practice. Develop a deeper awareness of self, mind and body. All levels welcome.

Power & Release

This class will begin with self-myofascial release, followed by Somatic/Yin inspired movement. These disciplines will prep you for a fiery power sequence. You will have the option to practice variations of inversions and arm balances. All levels welcome.

Alignment & Flow

This power class will lengthen, strengthen and bring you to new levels of awareness in all areas of life. This is an empowering practice with an emphasis on alignment and biomechanics. You will employ a strong focus on breath as you build heat to balance effort with ease and develop more equanimity.

Loaded Yoga

No, not THAT kind of “loaded” – it’s Power Yoga infused with the art of the Kettlebell. A functional, well-rounded experience that will greatly enhance your strength, endurance, mobility, and balance. All experience levels are welcome.

Ashtanga – Short Version

Ashtanga Yoga is a consistent sequence focusing on strength, stamina, balance, and breath.  It is the foundation from which our Power Yoga was born. This class is modified from the traditional primary series to meet you where you are, help you build strong, lean muscles and leave you with a powerful sense of self. You will develop a familiarity with the practice which will allow you to gauge your physical progression.


This class offers natural movements that will work several muscles simultaneously. A partially aerobic, higher intensity, cardiovascular training that uses a compact cast iron ball of weight. Kettlebells are a safe, rehabilitating, and physique changing tool which offers maximum effects in minimal time. 20 minutes with a kettlebell is the equivalent of running multiple six-minute miles or doing an hour of burpees!

The studio atmosphere is soothing and free of distraction. The instruction is incredible! The teachers are supportive yet challenging and technical in the best possible way. Practice here if you’re serious about making a commitment to yourself.

~ Karen K.