Upper Body Movement Clinic
Friday | June 17th | 5:00-6:30pm

The body finds ways to compensate for mobility limitations and pain. As amazing (and helpful at times) as this compensation is, it often causes stability and mobility problems throughout the entire chain of movement, prolongs or exacerbates old injuries, or creates new complaints down the road.

Join Dr Laursen in this movement clinic to:

  • Explore upper extremity anatomy and mobility
  • Learn about soft tissue adhesions, and how they affect movement patterns
  • Assess your individual pain and mobility complaints, and learn how pain in one area may be referred or remembered
  • Discover ways your body may be compensating, and take home exercises to rebuild your strength and range of motion
If you have had a neck, shoulder or wrist injury, have limited upper body strength or range of motion, or any other upper body or back complaints, this will help!
$55 non-members | $45 monthly or annual members
**Spots are limited to ensure sufficient time for Q&A, personal movement assessments, and to teach at home exercises to help heal & mobilize.


Terry Laursen, DC approaches care for his patients from a whole body perspective specializing in soft tissue work (Active Release Technique, ART), treating joints outside the spine as well as spinal manipulations, and rehabilitating and strengthening weaknesses that contribute to mobility and pain issues. He aims to empower his patients with the knowledge and techniques to help them heal and maintain their health, so they are not dependent on his care.

Dr Laursen holds a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology and a minor in chemistry from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, as well as a master’s degree in exercise science and served as a teaching assistant in the exercise physiology research lab.
He earned his chiropractic degree from Palmer Chiropractic College and is an American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA) board-certified animal chiropractor.

Dr Laursen is also certified in Active Release Technique (ART) and is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician® which gives him more tools for the evaluation, treatment and prevention of athletic injuries. He uses ART to address the soft tissue components that often contribute to pain & mobility problems, and trains all his (human) patients (athletes or not) in exercises to improve their overall functioning.

Dr Laursen practices at Dr Zach Korth’s Pain and Sports Rehabilitation, phone: 402-933-9799