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Bridge the gap…

BRIDGE THE GAP, AND GET BACK TO YOUR MAT   Remember back when you were consistent with your yoga practice? You came to classes regularly, and felt the boost of support and care from all your yoga friends.  You had a stellar sense of what your body could do and were feeeeeling good in it! […]

Grief and Acceptance

Every Memorial Day I think back to family traditions.  My mom was a teacher and a genealogy buff, so we spent many summer days in tiny remote cemeteries looking for ancestors and making headstone rubbings (the older I got, the less fun I found this to be).   On Memorial Day we remembered family members […]

Yoga Changed My Life

Our friend Julie shared her story with us. We think many of you will be able to relate to it. 😉  We’re thrilled to have her back again. Leon is thrilled about her generosity with treats! The very first time I practiced at OPY, I was scared to death. I also knew that how I […]

What Is Yoga

  It’s been written about and talked about a thousand times over…        What is yoga?  What’s not yoga? Ask ten people and you’ll get ten different answers. And that’s okay. This may be challenging – we don’t need to make someone else wrong to feel safe in our own belief. Yet that’s […]

The Comeback Feels Amazing

We received this delightful comeback story from our friend Wendy. We hope it inspires you. Leon sure is grateful to have Wendy back, and so are we! These past 5 years had some pretty rough moments: I was diagnosed with cancer, we went through a pandemic, my mom was sick, work was insane. Through it […]

Self Care and Staying Flexible

The mounting fear, panic and confusion surrounding the coronavirus can be exhausting and put our nervous system on high alert. In a distressed state we are more susceptible to illness. It is important to do the things that settle your nerves, help you rest, and keep your immune system, body, mind and heart strong! Things [...]

We’re Live Streaming and Recording Classes! #opyathome

As we navigate the coronavirus (COVID-19), Omaha Power Yoga remains committed to supporting your well-being in every way we can. We continue to evaluate our local situation and expert recommendations, and will adjust and adapt accordingly (seeing as how we’re flexible from all the yoga, wink-wink)! Stay tuned to this blog for updates. Email us […]

New Year, Clean Start!

At the close of the year, it’s natural to reflect on how it’s gone and decide what you want in the year to come. OPY is teaming up with Jamen and Dylan, founders of Clean Slate Food Co. here in Omaha, to bring you a 6 week program that will help you knock out next […]

One of Omaha’s Top 3 Yoga Studios

Every year, Omaha Magazine announces businesses voted the Best of Omaha by local consumers. Because of YOUR votes, Omaha Power Yoga was named one of the TOP THREE yoga studios in Omaha!  We know you have a plethora of yoga to choose from (more than 20 studios in the metro area), and we are humbly grateful for your […]