Brandie Fowler CPYT

As an undergrad at Creighton, Brandie studied philosophy and theology. The Eightfold Path served her well through her early twenties and into law school. Like many, she found herself pulled away from the path and into stress and excess by the demands of a successful career, motherhood and life. She knew something had to change. Then she found Omaha Power Yoga. Through self-study, regular asana practice, retreats, and training with Bryan Kest, she rediscovered her roots and zest for life. Power yoga has been incorporated into her daily life, and enriched her career, family and personal relationships in a wonderfully profound way.

Brandie’s continued commitment to learning and personal growth is incredibly inspirational. She loves to share her personal philosophy and experiential wisdom with the community through a playful lens of wit and humor. She will challenge the auto-pilot mode of your mind and movement patterns, and encourage you to love on yourself in the process.