Lori Wilkinson CPYT

Lori received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in dance from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, and is a Certified Power Yoga Teacher. A lifelong physical activity enthusiast and instructor, she loves the “whole self” perspective of yoga. Through yoga, Lori found great freedom to feel and reflect to see what is deep within and become aware of who she is. Freedom to hang all the hats she wears at the door and just be in the moment. Freedom to enjoy stillness and focus, to explore challenge without criticism, judgment, or expectations of the outcome. Freedom to experience all of this at her own pace, in her own way.

Lori strives to provide this same exploration of freedom through thoughtful and creative sequencing of her classes. Her radiant positivity is infectious and encouraging in those challenging moments. She believes through a consistent practice, students will be surprised at the positive changes that occur in all areas of their life both on and off the mat. You’ll find her subbing classes at OPY when she’s not traveling from California to Cleveland with her husband Dave to visit their 4 adult children.