Suzanne DeJong RYT 200, CPYT

First thing you do is breathe…freely & deeply…the physical tension starts to release. Then you dive into the connection between movement & breath…you feel more than you think, and you become aware of yourself and your tendencies in a way you haven’t before. As that connection deepens, control and fear lessen, but you must practice or lose the connection.

I started “doing Yoga” to get tone & flexible. Here’s what I learned: the physical benefits are simply great side effects; there is so much more to health than the physical body; I cared way too much about things that didn’t matter; quieting my busy mind was harder than any pose; standing on 1 leg without falling over does not constitute balance.

Over a decade after my first Yoga class and more than 400 hours of teacher training, I know this…there is an opportunity to learn from everything & everyone we encounter – good, bad & ugly – if our perspective doesn’t close us off from it. Embrace uncertainty, adapt quickly, loosen your grip and see what unfolds. All the good stuff happens on the other side of ‘I wish it was different’ or ‘I always do it this way.’

As the owner of Omaha Power Yoga, I invite you to slow down, observe and learn, to build strength on all levels, and to tap into the grace and intelligence within your Self.