Suzanne DeJong RYT 200, CPYT

Owner of Omaha Power Yoga, life coach and RYT 200 hour certified yoga teacher with more than 400 hours of training and continuing education, Suzanne’s practice and teaching have been influenced by Bryan Kest, Rudy Mettia, Jules Mitchell, Dan Nevins, Deborah Adele, David H Wagner, Nick Hansinger and Kisma Orbovich. She continuously seeks mentors that push her out of her comfort zone, encourage questions, experiments, discernment and discovery. She calls others forward with integrity, striving to exemplify virtue in her daily life. After 11 years of teaching, Suzanne continues to recognize the opportunity to learn from everything she experiences and everyone she encounters. Her classes, trainings and coaching empower students through developing the skills and self-awareness to be their own facilitator of change.

Suzanne’s personal practice began with Bikram Yoga (or Hot 26) for the purpose of getting toned and flexible. After 20 years of practice and life, she sees the physical benefits as awesome side effects; realizes there is much more to health than the physical body, and that standing on 1 leg without falling over does not constitute balance. Her daughter, Zoa, is her driving force for continued self-study and growth, because she believes the ultimate method for teaching is how she lives, not what she says. Suzanne, and her highly skilled team at Omaha Power Yoga, believe evolution of a community, a state, a world, starts with individual change. She invites you to be courageous and patient, embrace uncertainty, and experience change.