Private Yoga & Life Coaching

Private Yoga & Life Coaching with Suzanne

One-on-one coaching sessions are available in-person or via Zoom to develop key life skills. A potent guide for maneuvering twists, turns, bumps and blocks, Suzanne looks forward to helping you master life’s challenges. If you’re ready to take 100% ownership of your health and happiness and make change happen, she will equip you with the mindset and techniques to…

  • Become an expert on handling stress and anxiety
  • Significantly shift how you relate to your partner, kids, co-workers, family, and yourself
  • Learn to recognize when you self-sabotage
  • Build your faith and courage muscles
  • Have meaningful, loving and supportive relationships

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Personalized Sessions for Your Overall Health

Our staff is equipped to help you achieve your strength and mobility goals with yoga, myofascial release, meditation, breathwork and energetic healing.  One-on-one and small group sessions are available to achieve your individual goals.

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I had a private session to help my chronic lower back pain. Not only did Suzanne help me understand the source of the problem she taught me that through OPY classes I can start to eliminate the issue.  Amazing how much better I’m feeling.

~Brian R.

I had been reluctant to start yoga. After a private session with Suzanne, all my apprehension was gone. Her kind, gentle and patient approach is amazing.  She taught me how to engage muscles so I get full benefit from the poses.  I’m hooked!

~Debbie R.

I was seeing many doctors and was on several prescriptions just to function through my days. Suzanne helped me develop skills to approach the challenges of life. I have gone from six medications daily to manage my life down to one! I have a quality of life I previously didn’t think could ever be achieved.

~ Bob P.